Braiding the Knot

K. E. Hockenberry

Making the Tassels

Now that you have six leather thongs cut, stack them together.  Stack three thongs on the bottom, and three on the top. All are grain side up.  Now push them together tightly and hold them with your fingers.
I use a small spring clamp placed in the middle to hold them together.
Now slip a 1 1/4" key ring over one end and slide it to the middle of the thongs.  Now fold the thongs in half.
Don't worry that the thongs become uneven on the bottom.  This is just a result of the thongs being folded over.  Adjust the thongs a little if it's needed, but don't fuss too much.
Now use a length of waxed thread to bind the thongs together.  Don't tie the knot so tight or so close to the key ring so as to leave a mark in the leather.
Tie the waxed thread in the center of where the braided knot will fall.
After the braided knot is slipped over the tassels the thread won't be seen.
After the tassels are formed, and held together, adjust the thongs so they lay even on the key ring.  A little tug is all that's needed.
Now cut the ends of the thongs even with a knife.
Now will start braiding the knot.

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