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Bighousedaddy has completed his newest and most exciting instructional video so far; entitled, “Making A Leather Hat.”

Taking over six months to produce, this professionally prepared video set totaling twenty-five minutes of actual video, (Ten videos in all) will explain and instruct you in a step-by-step tutorial in making a leather hat from scratch.

Bighousedaddy illustrates how to measure the circumference of the head and how to translate that information into accurately functioning patterns that will make a hat of any size. Make a hat to fit any man, women, and child.

let your imagination go wild, creating Patriotic hats of red, white & blue, Smooth, and Textured leathers, Suede and, Exotic skins, Heavy Beaver felt, even “Hair on Calf.”

Twenty-five minutes of professionally prepared video, (Ten videos in all.)

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Leather Hat
Video & Pattern Set

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