Braiding the Knot

K. E. Hockenberry

Making the Tassels

Making your own Braided Leather Key Fob will give you years of pride and satisfaction knowing that you made it yourself.

In this project, I'll teach you how to braid a leather key fob with a decorative knot that you'll be proud to say... "I made that."

Tools & Material List

You'll need a wide pair of leather boot laces...
A round wooden dowel about 4" long by 1" in diameter...
A pair of smooth jaw needle nose pliers...
A large life eye needle...
A 1 1/4" Split ring key ring...
A utility knife...
A short piece of waxed cord...
A fid... (Or a walnut pick will work...)

This key fob is based on using a pair of extra wide, seventy-two inch long leather boot laces.
You should be able to buy a pair of extra wide leather boot laces at a leather supplier, or at your local neighborhood shoe repair shop.
Usually leather boot laces are one-eight inch wide.  I don't like laces this narrow for making leather key fobs.  Narrow laces never look as nice as wider laces.  Narrow laces tend to roll on the edges when making the knot.
After you have your boot laces... cut six thongs nine inch in length.
If you want longer tassels, you'll need more lace than just what one pair provides.

Cutting Laces From
Your Own Leather

Cutting your own leather is sometimes the only way to get wider laces.
You can very easily accomplish this by one of two methods.

A lace maker is the preferred method of lace making.  There are several different types you can use.
Or you can use a utility knife.  Measure and cut.  Use a long straight edge as a guide.
Remember to cut one thong at least thirty six inches long. The tassel laces you can cut about ten inches long.

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